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Robert E. Lee


Braunvieh International currently has 4 exceptional bulls in our program.  Each of these exhibits superior beef performance characteristics.  All of them are from excellent, proven bloodlines.  Semen and some embryos from these bulls are available.

Ricco Swiss Tradition Ricco TWO 7C (B7338CAN) (OB7934US)
This is our most proven bull and currently the best in the world.  He weighs over 1300kg.
He is for sale
Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee ET IND 8E  (B8490CAN)
A son of the legendary bull Willabar Bouncer 3G, this bull has great potential.  He has been sold.
Romeo Romeo AOZ 1G  (B9099CAN)
A son of Ricco TWO 7C, he is the best Canadian Braunvieh bull of 1997.   This bull has tremendous potential and will definitely be a legendary herdsire in the breed.  The best beef bull to result in over 100 years of Ulrich breeding.  He has been sold to Mexico where he has the National show as Junior Champion in 2000.  Semen is available.
Leonardo2_lg.JPG (52034 bytes) Leonardo AOZ 1J (B10248CAN)
A son of our famous bull Marantaha Arthur 4Y.   He can safely be used on any offspring of our other bulls, Ricco, Robert, or Romeo.

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