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Here are the combinations we have available for sale right now.  The links below will give you an indication of the animals and combinations we have produced in the past.

Select the hyperlinks to get more information and a larger photo of the animal.

Background on some of the combinations available:
AOZ 12F x Romeo - The first embryos available from our new super beef bull Romeo containing the following import animals in the pedigree. (Nelson, Aron, Lidia, Termin, Jordan, Robi, Waldi, Duebi, Bellina, Normann, Dado, Trina).

IND Nancy 10F x Ueli 7200 Hombrechtikon - These embryos carry the blood of over 9 import animals. 10F is a Ricco daughter from IND 4C. 4C was the product of an accidental father daughter mating with Jason out of the nicest Jason cow, 6B. The bull, Ueli, is a total outcross, not related to Jason or 6B. We therefore have 3 times Bouncer, 3 times Aron as well as the cows Fink, Lidia and Vreneli in their pedigree. As you can see we have both milk and beef genetics in these embryos.

40Y x Shaka - The first embryos from our new South Africa import bull Shaka. 40Y is one of the nicest Nelson daughters from the well known 644U - Fink - Aron combination. Shaka is a product of line breeding by H.D. Beukes and G. Ulrich. Here you find the famous Swiss bulls Gallus Oberamt 6 times and Ural Lungern 2 times, as well as Winzer 2 times, Markus Faellanden 2 times and the famous bulls Milor 4884 Oberriet, Riss 4424 Stein, Venner 9082 Appenzell, Nero 8457 Appenzell, Dado 2990 Steinerberg and Gero 5455 Bruelisau. On the cows in Shaka’s pedigree the common denominator is longevity and high milking performance

Milana     4L   1B 5189kg HL 2A 6361 5838 4.0 3.25
Regula     10L 1A 4811kg HL 6B 7273 6003 4.2 3.3
Arve         14L 1A 4967kg HL 7B 6935 5572 3.8 3.1
Furstin     7L   1C 6085kg HL 3C 7300 6677 3.8 3.6
Guarda    8L   1C 5618kg HL 4B 9367 8142 4.0 3.1
Marina     5L   1A 7184kg HL 3A 9368 8804 4.1 3.25
Gerda      7L    1A 4755kg HL 7B 9436 7785 4.3 3.6

We keep a personal collection of semen from top bulls of the last 30 years on hand and are able to produce embryos with combinations no longer possible by any other breeders.  Of course this semen is NOT for sale for any price.

We currently have semen for sale from the following bulls.  Some of it is qualified for export worldwide.

Ricco TWO 7C
Robert E. Lee IND 8E
Romeo AOZ 1G
Leonardo AOZ 1J

Other Services
George is available for consulting on a per diem rate and also for selecting cattle for export.  If you appreciate the animals you see on this website, you will appreciate George's ability to select cattle.  He is more than happy to do this on your behalf.